Thursday, June 7, 2012


Finally! the fastest and most reliable PSN Code Generator of this year 2012 is now a click of a button, you can now download the psn code generator 2012 without the annoying survey that always pops out when everytime you have to download the file, this file called PSN Code Generator 2012 no survey, so the things we are starting to worry right now is just trying to make the game playable on every playstation 3, in order to download the file you have to follow this 5 easy steps to get PSN Code Generator 2012

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1. Click the download button

2. Once you've finished downloading the generator open and run the file.

3. A "check" mark will appear to confirm that the generated code is valid.

4. Click "Activate" before selecting the amount of psn codes.

5. After That select the amount from then click GENERATE.

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Assassin's Creed Revelations Free Download for PS3 and PC

Assassin's Creed video game is developed by one of the most top independent game publisher  in the world today, ubisoft has now release the latest assassin's creed game, this called assassin's creed revelations 2012. With Playstation Network codes you can get this newest game for free by simply download the file. Download Assassin's Creed Revelations full free in ps3 and pc or just you can download assassin's creed revelations trial free game.

Your PC configurations minimum requirements :
A. Operating System : Windows XP - sp1, sp2, sp3 / Vista and 7.
B. Processor Memory : Intel core2 duo 2.0GHZ minimum or better.
C. Graphic memory : 512MB.
D. Sound Card : DirectX-9.c or Suitable.
E. DX : Version 9.c, 10.c, or 11.c
F. Ram Memory : 2GB or 4GB.
G. HDD : Up to 12GB minimum free space.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Can't get enough sleep because you can't play your playstation 3 to the limits? you run out of playstation network card codes? or let's get straight to our main problem, the benjamins or dollars that you may spend to get PSN Card Codes so that you can play games, download games, play with your friends around the world via PSN Online and a lot of entertainment you can do with PSN Card Codes, 2012 is the year where known to be the last as what most of the people was saying, but to me this year is the beginning of party party for all who dreamt about having PSN Codes for Free, well dreams do come true this year.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To Get Playstation Network Codes For Free

PSN, or playstation network, is a free service operated by Sony Company which allows PSN gamerz of the playstation 3 codes to play online against other gamers around the world. Although the PSN is not free, it’s still very famous. With millions of PSN gamers on the PSN network, it’s nearly as big as xBox live – but not quite. You cannot play for free on the PSN not unless you buy PSN codes, Our site offers free playstation network codes. In order to get your free playstation network codes – you will need to put a little time on our site, but not a lot, I am sure you’d be willing to give your a little time on us in order to get free psn code. The concept is simple: give what we want from you and that's some information about you and then we will give you what you want and that's free playstation card codes, and then place an order for your free PSN code. Getting your playstation network codes for free has never been easier.

Step 1: In order for you to get your free psn codes click the image below this post saying "UNLOCK PSN CODES"

Step 2: After Clicking the button from above image, you will be re redirected to my private pns code generator site.

Step 3: Choose from the options presented then Click "NEXT"

Step 4: After which, the code will now be generated and you will just have to wait for no more than a minute.

Step 5: Then, Copy the "EXACT" code to ensure the validity of the code..Then Paste it to your Playstation Network Account.

Step 6: Now You Can ENJOY Free Playstation Network Gaming For As Long As You Wish To!..

Many people look for generators of playstation network codes, including the PSN code generator 2011. However, lot of them failed to get some psn code generator. this is such available online for free if you know how to get psn code generator for free, then psn gamers would soon find out that people are generating free PSN codes, and would shut down the service or change their algorithm to generate the codes. This does not mean however, that you cannot still get PSN or playstation network codes for free – because there is a solution.

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How To Get PSN Card Code Generator

How To Get PSN Card Code Generator for Free?

Getting a PSN CARD CODE for free is so easy, easy as 1-2-3. This site has the most legitimate offer for you to get your free PSN CARD CODES so let's get started!

To get your free PSN CARD CODES, start by clicking the sign up image above or click this link, so that it will redirect you to sign up page to choose one of the offers, after that create an account, you will be taken to second page where they will ask for your home address. Don’t worry, your information will NOT be sold. This has already been stated in their privacy policy.

Remember that you need to provide real & valid information so that we can give you free PSN Code Generator.


Monday, August 1, 2011

PSN Card Codes

The PSN card, also known as a PlayStation network card, is created with a unique purpose in the minds of every people who uses ps3, but it allows with many more benefits than expected. The main idea of Sony is to who created PSN Card Codes are for younger teens and people who do not have credit cards or for anyone who is private to provide this information in an online setting that is not guaranteed to be secure. The PSN cards has made them become highly available for anyone who wants to buy PlayStation network card online. More PS3 users search for free PSN Card Codes for them to get what they want when purchases something on playstation store.

People might look to buy from a local store retailer, but that requires you to make a trip to the retailer when all you want is to make a purchase from the PlayStation store from the comfort of home, but if you have this PSN Card Codes you're life has never been this easy, purchasing games online without leaving the house. PSN cards are sold in $10, $20, and $50 denominations.Once you have your PlayStation network card, it is easy to redeem at the PlayStation store. Unlike Xbox Live, the PlayStation network is free and simple to join. Once you have logged in, simply click the “redeem” button and enter the 12-digit code located on the card. This code is found both when you buy PSN card online and if you have a physical card in your hand.

For those PS3 users who don't have any money in hand, wallet, pocket or any credit card bank account this site is for you, Get Your Free PSN Card Codes by clicking the image.

                                             Click the PSN Card Codes by Region
    US PSN Cards
    UK PSN Cards
    EU PSN Cards
    JP PSN Cards
     CANADA PSN Cards

Friday, July 29, 2011


There are tons of ways to get PSN Code Generator The usual ways and means of PSN codes generator is often expensive. Others need to look for cheaper a codes or even free. PSN code generator has created a great buzz amongst PSN crazy addicts all around the world. In other words PSN Code Generator can give novel touch to your PS3 games and can make it more exciting. PSN code generator demand is going to bigger greater in upcoming days. You can explore many websites which are source of free PSN codes. They posts thousands of PS3 games codes on their website on usual basis. These PSN codes are offered in variety of cases- let say you played some games offered at that website or you have responded with questions from that website or you have put your opinions, viewpoint in that website & blog. Well just that little bit of info makes it evident that this particular gadget of the Free PSN code generator is going to be a lot more than just popular and admired among all the hundreds and thousands of PSN freaks all around the World.
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One thing that is true about free service is that sometimes fake try to misuse the service in techniques that are not competent and hence cater the users with stuff that is not of the good quality. Keep that in mind, you have to accept the reality that not all so-known as PSN Code Generator Services at the Web will be of the good quality or authentic and licensed. All you need is to be careful when trying to make use of one of these generators. Now that we have already created you alert about the reality, there is one more suggestion that we would like to make. If you are a beginner with the PSN Code Generator and this is your forts venture then you can trust us with a full heart, we will supply you with nothing but the best at this web-site. 

Enjoy the PSN Code Generator with us! Now that PSN Code Generator is no more an idea and has actually become a reality, it is possible that you can find an PSN Code Generator at a number of of the web-site internet. But the point that requirements to be created is that, picking up an PSN Code Generator from just anywhere is not at all a safe decision to make. Creating use of the extreme popularity of the PSN Code Generator it is possible that a lot of foul heads brooding at the cyber space will try to utilize the situation and bring in some scams, you are so lucky that found our site.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Annihilation

Four new multiplayer maps and a Zombies map released for PlayStation 3.