Thursday, June 7, 2012


Finally! the fastest and most reliable PSN Code Generator of this year 2012 is now a click of a button, you can now download the psn code generator 2012 without the annoying survey that always pops out when everytime you have to download the file, this file called PSN Code Generator 2012 no survey, so the things we are starting to worry right now is just trying to make the game playable on every playstation 3, in order to download the file you have to follow this 5 easy steps to get PSN Code Generator 2012

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1. Click the download button

2. Once you've finished downloading the generator open and run the file.

3. A "check" mark will appear to confirm that the generated code is valid.

4. Click "Activate" before selecting the amount of psn codes.

5. After That select the amount from then click GENERATE.

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