Monday, August 1, 2011

PSN Card Codes

The PSN card, also known as a PlayStation network card, is created with a unique purpose in the minds of every people who uses ps3, but it allows with many more benefits than expected. The main idea of Sony is to who created PSN Card Codes are for younger teens and people who do not have credit cards or for anyone who is private to provide this information in an online setting that is not guaranteed to be secure. The PSN cards has made them become highly available for anyone who wants to buy PlayStation network card online. More PS3 users search for free PSN Card Codes for them to get what they want when purchases something on playstation store.

People might look to buy from a local store retailer, but that requires you to make a trip to the retailer when all you want is to make a purchase from the PlayStation store from the comfort of home, but if you have this PSN Card Codes you're life has never been this easy, purchasing games online without leaving the house. PSN cards are sold in $10, $20, and $50 denominations.Once you have your PlayStation network card, it is easy to redeem at the PlayStation store. Unlike Xbox Live, the PlayStation network is free and simple to join. Once you have logged in, simply click the “redeem” button and enter the 12-digit code located on the card. This code is found both when you buy PSN card online and if you have a physical card in your hand.

For those PS3 users who don't have any money in hand, wallet, pocket or any credit card bank account this site is for you, Get Your Free PSN Card Codes by clicking the image.

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